Potuki Rescue Centre in Lok Kawi

Donate now: Gibbon aid after landslide 

Potuki Rescue Centre in Lok Kawi
The destroyed enclosureat the Potuki Rescue Centre in Lok Kawi, Malaysia (c) Mariani Ramli, GCS Malaysia

Heavy monsoon rains in Malaysia have led to rivers overflowing their banks and flood city’s, villages and roads these last weeks. The island of Borneo has also been affected, where the massive rainfall led to landslides. Now we have received an emergency call from our partner organization, the Gibbon Conservation Society (GCS), in Malaysia. While humanitarian aid has started, the animals at the Potuki Rescue Centre in Lok Kawi are also in urgent need of help. The sanctuary shelters 10 rescued and confiscated gibbons from the illegal pet trade, but their enclosures were destroyed by severe weather.

How can we help?

The endangered primates are currently kept in emergency enclosures that are inappropriate for the species. According to gibbon expert Mariani »Bam« Ramli, some of the gibbons are injured and traumatised and therefore require a long period of meticulous rehabilitation before they can be released into the wild. Bam and the GSC would like to help and currently looking for a site where temporary enclosures can be built.

Nepada Wildlife would like to support the team on site with emergency aid, which includes:

  • Financial help for the construction of the temporary enclosures
  • Financial support to pay for keepers and the running costs of caring for the gibbons
  • Professional support for the long-term planning of a centre to permanently shelter the gibbons
  • Members of Nepada Wildlife will be on site this spring to help with the construction of the enclosures and to establish a concrete partnership between the NGO and potential local partner organizations.

With your donations you can help us build a new home for the gibbons!

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Background: Gibbon aid on Borneo
Nepada Wildlife e.V. has been cooperating with the Malaysian Gibbon Conservation Society for two years. While the initial focus was on professional exchange on wildlife issues and biodiversity, we are now working on a joint project with President Mariani »Bam« Ramli and her team. The aim is to establish a rehabilitation centre for endangered gibbons on the island of Borneo with local partners.

Besides deforestation, the biggest threat to gibbons is the illegal trade in wild animals. Increasingly, Malaysian law enforcement agencies are confiscating illegally kept gibbons and placing them in sanctuaries. Such a sanctuary is the park in Lok Kawi, which is now affected by the massive destruction caused by the monsoon and landslides.
Borneo Gibbon
East Bornean Grey Gibbons © Charles Ryan