Der Verein

Nepada Wildlife e.V.

The NGO »Nepada Wildlife« is committed  to the protection of nature and species. It raises awareness for loss of biodiversity and seeks solutions such as sustainability, education and environmental awareness. In Germany as well as in different countries of the world. Nepada was founded in July 2017.

With Nepada Wildlife we, Hannah and Jannes, want to spot problems, speak to local people ourselves and report on our blog, social media and through lectures. Our aim is not to convince anyone of veganism or to ban palm oil, after all, we are far from perfect ourselves. On the contrary, we would like to make people think and demonstrate alternatives.

Nepada is the short form for »Nebelparder« the German translation for Clouded Leopard, Hannah’s favorite animal and the beginning of everything: The Sunda Clouded Leopard (Neofelis diardi) occurs only in Sumatra and Borneo and is considered as critically endangered. It is still little known about this species and there are only few data from the wild so far. Hannah was able to work in a Clouded Leopard Project during her first visit to Borneo and to see these beautiful, majestic and rare animals in the wild.

Nepada addresses people interested in wildlife, nature, conservation, the protection of species and sustainability, as well as traveling, zoos, foreign countries and veterinary medicine. It reports our contribution to make the world a little better than we found it.