Nepada Wildlife e.V.

Our non-profit association is committed to the protection of nature and species and raises awareness for biodiversity. Through environmental education and the principle of sustainability, we seek for solutions and create awareness about nature, animals and diversity. In Germany as well as the most diverse countries of the world.

Since 2014, we have been working with the association for various conservation projects in the rainforests and support local NGOs for environmental protection through financial aid, veterinary activities, capacity building and local engagement. We report about our activities in Germany through lectures, print and social media. Through our environmental education concept »From Rainforest to Classroom to SDG«, we are raising awareness for the loss of biodiversity within the framework of the sustainable development goals (sdgs) and build on digital media.

Nepada is a short form for »Nebelparder« the German translation for Clouded Leopard, Hannah’s favorite animal and the beginning of everything: The Sunda Clouded Leopard (Neofelis diardi) only occurs in Sumatra and Borneo and is considered as critically endangered. It is still little known about this species and there are only few data from the wild so far. Hannah was able to work with these beautiful and rare animals on Borneo herself and to experience them in the wild.

Nepada addresses people interested in wildlife, nature, conservation and sustainability, as well as traveling, foreign countries and veterinary medicine and education for sustainable development. With all our activities we contribute to make our world more nature-loving than we found it.

Our Team

Hannah Emde

1. Chairwoman, CEO
veterinarian, author, speaker
more information

Jannes Vahl

2.Chairman, communication & PR
expert for sustainability and
non-profit organisations

Eric Peters

Creative Technologist
digital educational material
in augmented & virtual reality

Franz Emde

Advisory Board
Federal Ministry of Environment,
climate change, landuse & conservation

Johannes Dierkes

management consultant for
Environmental Social Governance

Susanne Roth

environmental & scientific communication

Ann Eckert

freelance art director
for corporate communication

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gebhard

Scientific Monitoring
didactics of bioscience  (Uni Hamburg); health promotion (PH Heidelberg)

Our Experts

Elisa Panjang

Pangolin Conservation Officer, DGFC, Borneo

© EcoDiversCR

Elpis Joan

Wildlife Biologist and Researcher, Saving Our Sharks, Mexico

Mariani ‘Bam’ Ramli

President Gibbon Conservation Society & Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Malaysia

Dr. med. vet. Tina Kesselring

Veterinarian, Marine Biologist, Marine Mammals, Antarctica

Our Partners

Wildlife Conservation Society Guatemala

A Wildlife Conservation Society Program

Gibbon Conservation Society

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Malaysia

The Turquoise Change e.V.

Bildung für Nachhaltige Entwicklung

ESD Expert Net

Education for Sustainable Development