About us

Nepada Wildlife e.V.

Our non-profit organization is committed to the global conservation of nature and wildlife.
Nepada Wildlife promotes sustainable, local wildlife conservation projects and raises awareness about the loss of biodiversity. We create awareness for endangered wild species, threatened habitats and the exciting world of biodiversity – from Germany around the equator.
Since Hannah Emde’s first project, we have been active for various conservation projects in the tropical rainforests – our focus regions are in Africa, Asia and Latin America and thus roughly correspond to the group of G77 countries on land and water. Nepada Wildlife supports local and non-profit wildlife conservation organizations through financial aid, veterinary support, Capacity Building as well as engagement directly on site. We report on this in Germany via lectures, classic and social media. Through our development education concept “From the Rainforest to the Classroom,” we raise awareness about the loss of biodiversity within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and focus on digital media and visualization.
Nebelparder auf Borneo
What is it about the naming?

Nepada is short for Clouded Leopard (German: Nebelparder) and the beginning of it all: The Sunda Clouded Leopard (Neofelis diardi) is only found on Sumatra and Borneo and is considered very endangered. The species has hardly been researched and there are only few data from the wild so far. Our chairwoman and association founder Hannah Emde was allowed to work with the beautiful and rare animals herself on Borneo and experience them in the wild.

Bild (c) Charles Ryan

Nepada Wildlife e.V. is aimed at people who are interested in nature, environmental and wildlife protection, sustainability, travel, habitats, veterinary medicine, research and education for sustainable development. With all our activities, we contribute to leave our world more close to nature than we found it.

Our Mission.

We educate about global species extinction, promote sustainable, local wildlife conservation projects, and advocate for the protection and restoration of biodiversity for the benefit of nature and people.

The team (excerpt)
Foto Hannah Emde
© Maximilian Probst
Hannah Emde

Founder & 1. Chairwoman
Veterinarian, book author, speaker

Foto von Ann Eckert
© Maximilian Probst
Ann Eckert

Design Director & 2. Chairwoman
Brand Design Expert

Anika Kröger-Hübner
© Privat
Anika Kröger-Hübner

Managing Director
Corporate Development & Communication

Foto von Johannes Dierkes
© Privat
Johannes Dierkes

Startup Investor

Foto von Jennifer Shrestha
© Privat
Jennifer Shrestha

Organization Management
Management assistant for office communication

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