Our Network

In addition to our members and the Nepada Wildlife Advisory Board, we receive a lot of support from our worldwide network, partner companies and exciting experts. Let us introduce them to you.

Our Experts
Foto von Expertin Elisa Panjang

Elisa Panjang

Pangolin Conservation Officer, DGFC, Borneo

Foto von Expertin Elpis Joan

Elpis Joan

Wildlife Biologist and Researcher, Saving Our Sharks, Mexico

Foto von Expertin Mariani "Bam" Ramli

Mariani "Bam" Ramli

President Gibbon Conservation Society & Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Malaysia

Foto von Expertin Tina Kesselring

Dr. Med. Vet. Tina Kesselring

Veterinarian, marine biologist, large marine mammals, Antarctica

Unsere Partner

Wildlife Conservation Society Guatemala

A Wildlife Conservation Society Program

Gibbon Conservation Society

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project Malaysia

The Turquoise Change e.V.

Education for sustainable development