Buchpremiere in Hamburg

Abenteuer Artenschutz – Book launch

Buchpremiere in Hamburg
© Maximilian Probst

"I lift my eyes, and for the first time it appears before me: the Kinabatangan River. A mighty, mud-brown river that winds its way through primeval forests and alluvial plains to the Sulu Sea. It rises in the heart of the mist-shrouded rainforests in the highlands and is the lifeline of Sabah province. The breathtaking diversity of wildlife along this body of water is something very special. Framed by gigantic trees and lush greenery, the wide, raging Kinabatangan lies in front of me. My heart beats faster. For us researchers, it's the only way we can reach the depths of the jungle."

– Excerpt from “Adventure in Species Conservation – As a Veterinarian in the Jungle”. 

On October 5th we had our book premiere with Nepada Wildlife at the
Hamburg harbor our book premiere and I was allowed to read for the very first time from my newly published book: Abenteuer Artenschutz – Als Tierärztin im Dschungel. It was a wonderful and emotional evening full of stories, jungle, tears, wild animals, and adventures in species conservation. My big gratitude goes to the clubkinder, without whom the evening under corona hygienic measures would not have been possible at all. Thanks to the Hamburg Ueberquell for the beautiful location and thanks to YOU for the overwhelming reactions, your smiling faces, and the numerous donations in support of the Nepada Wildlife e.V..

Buchpremiere im Überquell in Hamburg
Ein ganz besonderer Abend in Hamburg: die Buchpremiere von »Abenteuer Artenschutz«. © Maximilian Probst

In this book, I tell why I did not become a classic veterinarian in small animal practice, but rather follow an endangered predatory cat through the rainforest, why I do not like spiders and why I am happy about every warm shower. With this story, I would like to take my readers on a journey. A journey through foreign lands and dense forests with wild animals and interesting encounters. And above all, I want to find out why the orangutan in Borneo, the lemur in Madagascar or the bright red macaw in Guatemala are threatened with extinction and what we can all do about it.

How can people imagine your work for endangered species?

I studied veterinary medicine to work for and with wildlife. During my studies, I founded my own species protection association: With Nepada Wildlife e.V. we support conservation projects worldwide through donations, public relations, education here in Germany and veterinary expertise. So on the ground, I work on the one hand as a veterinarian for orangutans or bull sharks, but I’m also always looking for bigger solutions with local researchers.

Are you a welcomed guest everywhere?

It is amazing how positively the projects and locals welcome me on site. I have never felt the mistrust of “here comes a foreign white vet who knows everything better. I think this is also due to the fact that I meet the people at eye level. After all, they are the experts in their field. It gives me great pleasure to be out and about in the forest with the locals, as we usually communicate with hands and feet.

Hannah signiert Bücher
Ganz schön aufregend plötzlich Bücher signieren zu dürfen. ©Maximilian Probst
Bücherstapel Abenteuer Artenschutz
Jetzt überall im Buchhandel erhältlich. © Maximilian Probst

What has been the most extraordinary moment so far in your travels?

It’s a late afternoon on Borneo and I’m coming back from the jungle completely soaked from a long, exhausting day of work. It has been raining for days, my clothes are completely wet, finally I reach our small motorboat – and as we drive around the first river bend, suddenly a large group of elephants appears in front of me. Some are bathing and playing in the water, some babies are grazing on the bank – there must be eighty impressive, extremely endangered Borneo dwarf elephants.

Burning rainforests, wild animals threatened with extinction ... What can each individual do for the protection of species?

Don’t lose hope! We can all start in our everyday lives by asking ourselves where the things in our shopping carts come from, what’s in our cosmetics, and what impact these products have on other parts and animals of the world. Asking ourselves what is behind cute videos of wild animals on the internet or why there are delicacies made from animal products. We can all go through life more consciously and make better choices.

Who should read your book?

All people who are interested in nature, wild animals or foreign countries. People who like to travel, experience adventures and wonder what nut nougat cream has to do with orangutans, what sushi has to do with bull sharks, what beef has to do with parrots. Who want to know how to react when you encounter a giant snake, a groin crocodile or a tarantula in the jungle. Above all, however, this book is intended to encourage and motivate young and old to become active members of the community.

Buchpremiere im Überquell, Hamburg
Danke Euch für einen wunderschönen Abend, Eure überwältigenden Rückmeldungen und die vielen Spenden für den Nepada Wildlife e.V. © Maximilian Probst
Portrait Hannah Emde

Author, founder and 1st chairwoman of the association

reports on her assignments as a veterinarian in international species conservation projects