Our focus: education on wildlife conservation

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A major focus of our organization is education on wildlife conservation. Hannah has toured countless stages and classrooms throughout Germany. She shared her exciting conservation adventures, backgrounds and solutions with children and adults. Many of these events now take place digitally, but we planned to create educational material with elements of augmented reality anyway. See the result here:
Augmented reality app for mobile devices

4Wildlife - from the rainforest to the classroom


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In collaboration with our partners from The Turquoise Change e.V., we have developed 4Wildlife – from the rainforest into the classroom, an innovative educational tool that can easily reach students and teachers at home in times of Corona. Under the motto “Think big, act local, impact globally” we use 4Wildlife to playfully educate students about the importance of biodiversity, the rainforest and its cane structure, and wildlife conservation. Using an augmented reality app that can be downloaded free of charge onto smartphones or tablets, we offer children and young adults an emotional approach to the topic of sustainability.

The global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are at the center of our work. We promote the examination of the guiding principle of sustainable development and encourage students to recognize, critically question and evaluate complex interrelationships. We therefore cooperate closely with the non-profit organization The Turquoise Change.
Augmented Reality App
You can now download our AR app from the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

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