4Wildlife App

New: Nepada 4Wildlife App now available for Android!

4Wildlife App
© Maximilian Probst
Have you been eagerly waiting to bring the rainforest into your classroom – and now also on other devices? Something has been brewing in the digital jungle and we have great news about the 4Wildlife app: In addition to the existing iOS version, the App is now also available on Android. This educational App is waiting to be discovered in classrooms, either virtual or real! The jungle can now be brought into the classrooms, homes, or simply anywhere with all Android 11 devices!

Now you can also go on a discovery tour with Android 11 version to experience the rainforest and biodiversity with a giant kapok tree and its animal inhabitants. We are thrilled that even more of you will get the opportunity to bring the jungle to your home! Go on a journey of discovery with the new app and explore the jungle with our supplementary educational material available here.

The Android version with elements of augmented reality can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at bildung@nepadawild.life. Enjoy discovering the digital jungle!