Our Team

Since founding Nepada Wildlife in 2017, our permanent team has been growing constantly. You will find experts from various disciplines and interests here, who are committed to wildlife conservation and preserving biodiversity.  

Foto Hannah Emde
© Maximilian Probst

Founder & 1. Chairwoman Veterinarian, book author, speaker

Foto von Ann Eckert
© Maximilian Probst

Design Director & 2. Chairwoman
Art director for
Corporate Communications

Portrait Anika Kröger-Hübner
© Fred Dott

Anika Kröger-Hübner

Managing Director
Corporate Development & Communication

Foto von Johannes Dierkes
© Privat

Johannes Dierkes

Startup Investor

Foto von Jennifer Shrestha
© Privat

Jennifer Shrestha

Organization Management
Management assistant for office communication

Portrait Natascha Kreye
© Privat

Natascha Kreye

Team Lead Communications,
Chief Editor

Expert for PR and
social media

Johanna Herzog Portrait
© Privat

Johanna Herzog

Team Lead Education
Biologist and environmental educator

Team Portrait Teresa Wich
© Privat

Teresa Wich

Team Wildlife Conservation
Green technologies engineer


Foto von Jannes Vahl
© Maximilian Probst

Founder & Advisory Board
Public Relations &
Non-profit expert

Foto von Lena Kohl
© Privat

Lena Kohl

Education Team
Student teacher

© Privat

Oliver Westkämper

Education Team
Teacher (STEM)

Daniela Schlag
© Privat

Daniela Schlag

Education &
Communication Team
Procurement specialist and photographer

Portrait Bianca Gibisch
© Privat

Web Admin
Programming and support of the website

Foto von Dr. Cassian Behlau
© Privat

Dr. Cassian Behlau

Advisory Board
Management consultant, focus on sustainability and circular economy

Foto von Franz Emde
© Uschi Euler

Franz Emde

Advisory Board
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change, Land Use & Conservation

Jana Schilbert Team Portrait
© Privat

Jana Schilbert

Advisory Board
Didactics of Biology

Foto von Susanne Roth
© David Ausserhofer

Susanne Roth

Strategy & Conception
Environmental & science communication

Hund Wilma
© Privat


Feelgood Manager
Chaos lady with a heart
for trouser legs

In addition, our extended team consists of many volunteers who actively support Nepada Wildlife every day –
in fundraising campaigns, blog contributions, research, social media, design and more. Thank you so much for your commitment!

Are you also interested in volunteering? Join us at a volunteer meeting! You can find more information here!