Madagascar, Borneo, Costa Rica... every place has it's own magic whether you look at the people, nature, animals or rainforests. Let me take you on a journey on the world's biodiversity hotspots and there is still so much more to explore...
For three weeks I traveled through Amazonia in Brazil. I drove through flooded forests by boat, accompanied by Amazon River Dolphins, met an indigenous tribe and learnt a lot about wildlife, deforestation and the mighty Amazon.
Mayan jungle of Guatemala. Working with Scarlet Macaws, meeting wild tapirs and being woken up by howler monkeys.
Madagascar, the only place you can find lemurs in the wild. A diverse and critically endangered species of beautiful primates.
The little country Costa Rica surprises with a breathtaking biodiversity! During my work I got to see Clouded Forests, the Caribbean, Volcanoes, Rainforest, Turtle Islands and so many animals.