Annuar Rhino Forest Fund

Annuar – The Forest Walker

Annuar Rhino Forest Fund

"My father and grandfather always told me that we have to protect the forest because we can find traditional medicine there." — Annuar

Borneo, 2023
Annuar is project manager at the Rhino and Forest Fund, our cooperation partner on Borneo. He coordinates the reforestation projects that transform former palm oil plantations into forest corridors. They create an important link between the original rainforests and give biodiversity a second chance. We were particularly impressed by his passion for nature and the project during our last visit to Borneo. It has its origins in his childhood:

“My family lives in the mangrove region. When I was a child, I used to see the forest and the wild animals there every day. My father and grandfather always told me that the forest must be protected because we can find traditional medicine there. From the very beginning, I went for walks in the forest with my grandfather and my father told me about the different plants. We have to protect these areas because certain plants can only be found in this place. In the city, development is so rapid. Every year, I realise that more and more wildlife and forests are disappearing. That’s why I want to protect them and that’s why I like this work so much.”
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