Borneo Gibbon Aid

A lot has happened since our last post on this topic. Perhaps you remember how Hannah found a gibbon cub in need of help shortly before her rushed departure from the jungle of Borneo due to Corona. The sudden rescue of the little gibbon turned into a project together with local conservation experts, which will enable us to help many more gibbons in need.

Today we want to update you and take you on our journey, which has the potential to become the biggest Nepada project ever. By the way, Hannah’s foundling is doing well under the given circumstances. The East Bornean Grey Gibbon (Hylobates funereus) is one of the rarest primate species in the world, according to the IUCN Red List they are classified as critically endangered (CR) and urgently need our help.
Unsere Partner vor Ort: Mariani »Bam« Ramli ist Präsidentin der Gibbon Conservation Society in Malaysia. ©Justin Mott / Kindred Guardians
Unsere Partner vor Ort: Mariani »Bam« Ramli ist Präsidentin der Gibbon Conservation Society in Malaysia. ©Justin Mott / Kindred Guardians
Das kleine Gibbonbaby Noir ist quasi eines der letzten seiner Art.
Östliche Borneo-Gibbons (Hylobates funereus) ©CharlesRyan
In the meantime, we started having regular meetings and calls with Bam and her team. In the organization, we built a dedicated team specifically for this project. This way, we make sure that we bring together experts from different areas that the gibbons need. These teams are supported by a large number of volunteers, because: We want to establish our own gibbon sanctuary on Borneo – to house, care for and release the endangered primates. In partnership with the Gibbon Conservation Society and with the prospect of a productive international exchange in the areas of education & research, species conservation & veterinary medicine, volunteering & jobs. For this purpose, our partners in Malaysia have set up a large master plan for a holistic center, including for example concrete plans for local jobs, sustainable tourism and reforestation – all in cooperation with Nepada Wildlife e.V.

What we have now done for the Borneo Gibbon and its friends span multiple areas. In addition to ongoing updates and joint planning with the Gibbon Conservation Society team, we have consistently provided them with communication and financial support. Bam and her team are currently searching for a suitable piece of land on which we can build the center. Meanwhile, we need emergency aid in order to care of the current animals, to take in more animals in need and to provide the most important supplies – for this purpose, we have all the information from our partners in Malaysia, which enables us to vouch for every single cent that is donated.
This spring, for example, with your help, we have funded: year-round food and milk for all animals, year-round veterinary care for all (including regular health checks, blood work, etc.), a full-time foster staff, and full corona care for the entire team (protective gear, masks, and gloves, plus general preventative care and medical exams for Covid-19, malaria, hepatitis A & B, tuberculosis). This was all possible with donations worth of 5.000 Dollars – and as you can see it brings a tremendous amount of support for both the animals and the caring conservationists on site.

If you would like to support our project, there are already many ways to do so:

– with your time and expertise: (here we organize our voluntary work)
– with your donations and contacts: (subject and purpose of donation: “Gibbon Aid Borneo”)
– with your ideas for cooperation and funding and with your interest and questions: jannes.vahl(at)

Thank you for your help and as always: More available soon here and on our social media channels.