Sergio – Local Hero

Sergio – Mein Mentor

Sergio – Local Hero

„When we talk about wildlife conservation, we have to think big. Saving one individual, won't save the species or its environment.“ — Sergio

Borneo, Malaysia 2014
A Mexican Wildlife Vet working in the jungle of Borneo conserving nature and wildlife with all his heart. Experienced, caring, intelligent, relaxed, hilarious, in love with dragons and my mentor during the last couple of years. I have learnt loads from this man. His most important lesson: Stay open-minded, alert and curious.

Thank your Serge! (on the right)
Portrait Hannah Emde

Autorin, Gründerin und 1. Vorsitzende des Vereins

berichtet von ihren Einsätzen als Tierärztin in internationalen Artenschutzprojekten