Interview: Does protecting wildlife also protect human health?


The responsibility to our fellow human beings is being heatedly discussed right now in this fourth wave of the pandemic.

Our responsibility extends even further: the Corona pandemic has clearly shown us how closely human, animal, and environmental health are linked.

More than 700,000 unknown viruses in wild animals have the potential to spread to humans as so-called “zoonoses”. Therefore, the protection of remote wildlife and their habitats is enormously important for our own health.

But how can we tackle this? The principle of “One Health,” comprehends the protection of our health as a global task on which we must work together. However, the first step is raising awareness of this interconnectedness. In an interview with GIZ, the German Society for International Cooperation, our founder and veterinarian Hannah Emde talks about solutions to prevent future pandemics and keep our planet livable.

You can find the full interview here: GIZ Interview: Does protecting wildlife also protects human health?