Nepada Wildlife e.V.
Hannah Emde (1. chairwoman)
Ann Eckert (2. chairwoman)

Registry Court
Bonn Local Court
Association Register: VR 11987
Tax No: 206/5872/0436
Tax office: Bonn-Außenstadt, GER
Organization address

Nepada Wildlife e.V.
Hummerichs Bitze 25, 53229 Bonn, Germany

Donations for Nepada Wildlife

IBAN: DE28 2005 0550 1206 1504 90
Hamburger Sparkasse

Subject: Donation

Responsible for content
§ 18 Abs. 2 MStV:

Hannah Emde
Nepada Wildlife e.V.
Hummerichs Bitze 25, 53229 Bonn

Logo & Design
Web Admin
Bianca Gibisch
Software: think-cell
Nepada Wildlife e.V. uses think-cell to create presentations. think-cell is a Microsoft Office add-in that seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint and makes it possible to create as well as manage complex chart types such as Marimekko, Gantt and Waterfall charts in minutes.

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