About Us

Hey, my name is Hannah

I am 27 years old and work as a veterinarian for wildlife conservation in Hamburg as well as in the jungle. In the past few years I have asked myself, if one could combine veterinary medicine with the challenges of species protection, biological diversity and the fight against poverty. I am fascinated by animals, nature and wildlife, adventures, traveling, people and foreign cultures and wanted to become an explorer ever since I was a little girl. Why not take my fascination and curiosity and make it my job? Or more precisely, my life.

After graduating from school, I moved to the Philippines for one year where I experienced an entirely different daily life and standard of living. I have seen great poverty, gazed at wonders of nature and met incredibly generous and warm-hearted people. When I left, one big question remained: Does the battle for survival in developing countries automatically mean that nature has to be exploited? My degree in veterinary medicine is very diverse with essential elements such as: medicine, pharmaceutics, food hygiene and agriculture; from the pet to the exotic. But don’t worry, Nepada Wildlife doesn’t expect you to be an expert. I simply use the Latin names of animals to make searches on Google easier. Veterinary medicine is exciting, but to make a difference I need to understand the relations.

This is why I regularly work outside my comfort zone: Wildlife research in Madagascar, wildlife veterinary medicine in Borneo, vet work in scientific zoo’s, or at a slaughterhouse. Some of these stops will show you how far I have moved outside my comfort zone. But nasty diseases and spiders in the jungle are the minor problems. There are bigger things that I am far more worried about, like corruption, economic growth, poverty and extinction of species. One of the reasons is my own inconsistency: I also buy clothes that are not based on fair trade. I love eating nut nougat crème and I cannot blame the workers in palm oil plantations, for doing their jobs to be able to feed their families. At the end of the day, we are all human.

I am Jannes Vahl

born in 1981 and graduated school with the subjects German and Biology. Since my traineeship at the onset of the new millennium, I work as a journalist. In addition to frequently visiting the urban western world, this work has taken me several times to Canada’s wilderness, with Viva con Agua to Ethiopia and Dr. Bronner’s to Ghana, on a charity trip around the Baltic Sea and finally with Nepada into the rainforest of Borneo or the Amazon Basin of Brazil.

Since my journalistic focus during these trips has always been nature, animals and local people, I remained loyal to my high school subjects. Since my graduation, I’ve started two charitable associations for the welfare of all beings, a non-profit event agency and Polycore, an advertising agency for creation, communication and social start-ups. In German I became better and better, for Biology I have Hannah at my site now.

Welcome to Nepada Wildlife!